Nikki Barker


Nikki Barker

Associate Partner

Brings a passion to our creative problem solving, teamship and leadership work with engineers.

About Nikki

Nikki joined in 2008 and has served clients in engineering, utilities, the rail industry, care services, tourism, shipping, luxury goods, and information technology across the world with a focus on enabling others to act.

Nikki’s client experience includes designing and implementing an award winning 3-year turnaround program for a UK tourism business using Perspectiv’s 4Ps and Facilitative Leadership approaches. With a major asset management company, Nikki designed and facilitated the production of a roadmap for review and implementation of identified process safety indicators and in a related project designed and delivered the UK wide training of a company safety critical procedure.

Nikki takes a systemic approach to enabling others to act and is constantly researching what it takes to enable engineers to improve performance including leading the study of the characteristics of admired engineers with the support of the major UK engineering institutions.

Nikki writes and talks in engineering circles such as the Essential Management Skills for Engineers Conference and Improving the Quality of Engineers’ Wicked Problem Solving Capabilities for the International Conference on Engineering and Product Design.