K. Brian Dorval

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K. Brian Dorval

Associate Partner


Brings deep expertise to our creative problem solving, high performance and leadership work.

About Brian

Brian is a founding partner of our USA sister company Think First Serve and has served many Fortune 500 and Times 1000 organisations around the world in engineering, utilities, food and drink, sports, social expression, luxury goods, and information technology across many parts of the world with a focus on creative-thinking, problem-solving and performance-improvement methods to help organisations figure out new ways to grow.

Brian has designed and facilitated a multi-year national on-water standards program whose mission it is to save lives on the water, by increasing the level of safety in recreational boating across the USA. The program produced four American National Standards designed to increase the quality, consistency and availability of on-water skills-based instruction. He also serves a major utility company in the USA developing facilitative leadership practices that release the collective genius of others as well as designing and delivering leadership curriculum that sets the stage for innovation and change.

With a background also in tennis coaching, Brian is continually researching what it takes for people to be at their best and to improve mental toughness to enhance performance. He is on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at Cass business school, London.

He is one of the co-developers of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) version 6.1™, publishing more than 70 articles, chapters and books on the topics of creativity, high performance and problem solving.