I have absolutely no doubt that the emerging spirit and unity of our team was provoked, in no small part, by the productive partnership we enjoyed with you. Internal interactions and behaviours have benefitted enormously from this work and I do believe the work you delivered has positioned a remarkably solid foundation on which the team can now build their next steps.
— Martin Clarkson, Chairman, The Storytellers
I needed to raise the game of the senior leadership team and the extended management team. This programme really challenged us to step up to new levels of performance – with results beyond my expectations
— Brian Gunn, CEO, Advantica
Working with Perspectiv to fill our innovation funnel was a dynamic, creative, enjoyable and inclusive process. Also important for us an SME was that it represented good value for money. Kate was able to deliver against these objectives and a number of the projects which originated in the workshops are well down the path to being brought to market.
— Elaine Underwood, Marketing Director, Kallo Foods, Wessanen UK
“Andy was quite simply a trusted aide to me, the CEO and many on the Board.”
— David Kerr, Director, Halcrow
I led the task force working with Perspectiv to help transform the company …our internal evaluation of the benefits included: improved customer engagement, increased employee engagement, improved efficiency and effectiveness of problem solving. We also avoided over £100,000 of consultancy costs and helped to secure strategic contracts worth over £50m.
— Nick Murray, Business Improvement Manager, Advantica
Kate’s workshops were tremendously helpful in enabling us to identify business opportunities, develop those ideas and start tackling the next steps. Working closely with the team she supported the entire process, creating innovative, demanding workshops which helped to challenge perceptions and push the boundaries of what we all felt could be achieved.
— Angela Newton, Head of Book Publishing, Leading Consumer Organisation
Over 10 years ago, for me, Andy set a benchmark for coaches. Within his field no one has come close. He has a rare ability to understand your environment, your issues and like magic, pull out the tools relevant to you. If you want the effects of candid and practical leadership development that are important and last over the long term, speak to him. Lastly, Andy has a great sense of humour and we continue to work together.
— Paul Soor, MD, VOLO TV
The Leadership Challenge is a must, especially for senior managers working in a cross-cultural environment. It directly identifies and helps the leader address work-related issues stemming from the gap between how the leader perceives his/her contribution to the team versus how the team sees their leader. Kate’s coaching has been a life-changing eye-opener for me personally, but has benefited the entire organization as well.
— Hisako Hankinson, President, Platinum Guild International, Japan
We achieved more during the 1.5hr meeting that Nikki facilitated than we did in the previous 3 meetings put together.
— Tom Clarke, Account Manager, Advantica
You will be happy to know that I have used some of the techniques that you taught us already – my boss has bitten and is now dead keen as we used it to solve an urgent problem and he came up with the solution to our issue, thanks to the persistent use of tools. We have comfortably recouped the cost of the course on just the rework to solve that one issue.
— Guy Rushton, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Schlumberger