Dawn Wigmore

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Dawn Wigmore



Brings a passion to our administration, organisation, and psychometric instruments work.


About Dawn

Dawn joined Perspectiv in 2011 and has 20 years Personal Assistant and Administration experience. She both supports partners and associates in their work and also serves clients directly with course administration and our suite of psychometrics. These include instruments such as Values Discovery; VIEW™ An assessment of Problem Solving Style; Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ)Climate Measurement, Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI®) leadership and Credibility Insights.

For anyone familiar with the TV series Suits, Dawn is our Donna, just better. Dawn enables people behind the scenes and her client experience includes helping with the administration of a global event in Hong Kong as well as supporting the partners and associates wherever else they are in the world.

You will often find Dawn’s work behind the scenes of most, if not everything we do in helping organisations improve performance.