Innovation foundations.

We are often surprised that so few organisations have invested systematically in developing the innovation capabilities of their people. Many senior people seem to think only a few need this capability, or only some are ‘gifted’ with creativity - despite the evidence to the contrary that everybody is creative.

We understand why: many advocate that creativity is all about ideas – and whacky ones in particular, or it is all about generating newness. So, after a while, it is easy to see why many senior people believe creativity is best avoided rather than thinking that maybe they and their people have not been trained by real experts in the field, or that people need opportunities to practice innovative thinking, or that the systems and management’s mindset that they work within are not designed to support it.

Our Innovation Foundations line of service comes in various configurations and combined with real-world opportunities to practice, develops people to significantly upgrade their innovation capabilities by focusing on newness and usefulness.