Uncovering Elephants and Super Skilled Conversations

diagnosing and overcoming the real issues

Ever been in a team meeting, frustrated by the fact that no one (including you) is able to talk about the real issue (the huge but unspoken problem – the ‘elephant’) and that whatever other problems are addressed, this one is stopping any real progress. For fear of reprisal, exclusion, upsetting someone (many ‘elephants’ concern people’s behaviour) or disturbing the relative safety of the status quo, we ignore the ‘elephant’ – at our peril.

Our Uncovering Elephants and Super Skilled Conversations offerings provide the understanding and capabilities required by intact teams to deal with the real problems, transform their communication and capture the collective intelligence of the group – using skills to expand our thinking, accurately diagnose, openly discuss the real issues in a way that preserves trust and respect.

  • Increase your capacity to re-examine current beliefs and underlying assumptions – reduce the limitations of ‘one way’ thinking
  • Transform team communication previously marred by hidden conflicts – surface the ‘elephants in the room’ that stall progress, so you can overcome problems faster and move from working only on the symptoms (overt) to dealing with the underlying causal factors (hidden)
  • Ensure all the valuable information, thoughts and ideas are heard and shared
  • Understand defensiveness, how it blocks communication and how to move beyond it
  • Prevent conflict arising, stop conflict escalating, resolve an existing conflict
  • Enable better informed decision making through deeper understanding

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Perspectiv focuses on customised in-house programmes. Collaboration and Team Skills Workshops are Perspectiv’s customised range of one to four day development options.

We work with the organisation to customise the workshops for a general audience, or might target specific internal teams. Programmes can be supported with Collaboration and Team Coaching which is typically established on the basis of a number of sessions or over a fixed period with a fee agreed for the whole contract.

For more information on the options available, please contact us on +44(0)1844 290700 or info@perspectiv.co.uk