Andy Wilkins

Andy has over 20 years’ experience helping leaders, teams, and organisations significantly improve their performance. He has delivered more than 500 programs, workshops and coaching sessions for international companies in 11 countries. Prior to founding Perspectiv in 1997, Andy worked for 16 years at international IT companies as Director of Innovation and Change, Business Unit Managing Director, and Director of Strategy and Marketing. He has written and presented more than 25 articles on creative problem solving, strategy, leadership, and teams in organisations. Andy is also a Senior Honorary Visiting Fellow at Cass Business School.

Kate Stuart-Cox

Before founding Perspectiv, Kate acquired over 20 years of management/leadership experience, moving from creative direction to a specialist in new product development and new business development, integrating creative problem solving, and training and development initiatives to enhance performance and innovation. Her work with leaders in organizations needing to build effective international collaboration and communication has led to in-depth knowledge and experience of developing teams and coaching leaders within and across a diverse range of cultures in China, India, Japan, United States, United Kingdom and Europe. Kate is a skilled specialist in the use of Dialogue, a powerful tool used to: uncover causal factors, overcome defensiveness and barriers to team performance.

Sue Whittle

Sue draws on nearly 30 years working at senior level in the ‘Enterprise’ arena within higher education and business support agencies at the interface between business and academia. Her role has been to ensure that the knowledge generated within the world of education is exchanged with the world of business in order to help individuals make the most of external support to form, lead and develop their teams. Sue holds a Masters in Occupational Psychology.

James Archer

James uses his more than 20 years’ experience helping people, teams, and organisations tackle difficult problems and challenges by: designing an individual approach to challenges drawing on creative problem solving, business analysis, programme and project management skills, tools and techniques; discovering the essence of the real business problem before leaping into technical solutions; using design thinking and ethnographical research to understanding the customers perspective; using a systemic approach that recognizes the biggest challenge in implementing change is working with people.

Nikki Barker

Nikki acquired over 18 years of engineering and management/leadership experience in the energy industry. She also runs her own engineering consultancy business focused on providing strategic process, policy and procedure development and training. As a chartered engineer, she combines her consultancy and training experience, along with technical and engineering expertise, to help individuals, departments and teams improve their performance.


Dawn Wigmore

Dawn has 17 years Personal Assistant experience working for Senior Vice Presidents, Managing Directors and Directors within Distribution, Games Publishing, Retail, IT, Finance and Human Resources, giving her a broad perspective on individuals and group organisations. Dawn is a Personal Assistant to the Partners and manages all of Perspectiv’s administration and office work; she is a confident multi-tasker who works well under pressure and has exceptional organisational skills. She is a Certified VIEW User (CVU) and handles Perspectiv’s VIEW Administration Service.