Skills For Personal Effectiveness

building foundations for high performance relationships

Individuals are required to work in high performance relationships: in or across teams, in collaborations, in networks, supply chains and partnerships in order to get things done. An organisation’s success depends on the quality of these relationships.

Our Skills for Personal Effectiveness offerings provide the understanding and capabilities required by individuals to work successfully with others, developing essential skills that form the most robust foundations for high performance relationships.

Based on a combination of research and real practical experience of what works and what doesn’t, we help you

  • Increase your self-awareness: your problem solving style, your personal values, your personal approach to conflict, your natural defense mechanisms - how these influence your working relationships and what you can do if they impede your performance
  • Know how to remove barriers to trust and positively transform your communication using the art of skilful conversations: develop your active listening and giving and receiving feedback competencies
  • Understand the influence of your mental mindsets: develop reflective skills to ensure they work for you, not against you
  • Manage yourself effectively - overcome the challenges you encounter and explore and change the influence you have when working with or managing others

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Perspectiv focuses mainly on customised in-house programmes. Personal Effectiveness Workshops are Perspectiv’s customised range of one to four day development options.

We work with the organisation to customise the workshops for a general audience, or might target specific individuals or teams. Programmes can be supported with Personal Effectiveness Coaching which is typically established on the basis of a number of sessions or over a fixed period with a fee agreed for the whole contract.

For more information please contact us on +44(0)1844 290700 or