We strive to uphold the following values, in all our interactions



  • We are ‘in service’ to our clients
  • We are honest about our competencies
  • We provide value and excellence - maintain high standards of quality throughout  the duration of assignments
  • We take a responsible approach to the use of processes, methods and tools



  • We balance the needs of the individuals and the needs of our clients
  • We provide a fair offering to our clients in relation to market fees and conditions
  • We respect the culture, rights, and freedom of choice of individuals
  • We use our skills, knowledge, tools, and wisdom to engage different perspectives



  • We are open and transparent in our transactions
  • We acknowledge any potential conflict of interest
  • We maintain confidentiality of information
  • We hold ourselves, and each other accountable to our values



  • We engender a safe physical and psychological environment
  • We adhere to the British Psychological Society Ethical Guidelines for psychometrics