Our Clients come first

We target our consultation, training, facilitation and coaching services to match the

scope and complexity of the client’s situation.

  1. An approach that develops people whilst developing the business
  2. Bespoke solutions to client challenges, designed with the client
  3. Intellectual rigour combined with relevant, practical application
  4. Business understanding combined with psychological and sociological insight
  5. An honest and direct approach that is fair but not patronising

Training and Development

  • We hold open courses, but primarily design targeted training interventions with lasting effectiveness. We don’t pretend to have a ‘quick fix’, or hand out ‘placebo’s’ – experience shows us organisations embed skills through effort and practice
  • Combine proven theory, experiential learning, focused activities and workshops on real problems  to ensure our training delivers
  • Design our courses based on the best of the best in current business thinking, theory and application
  • Use researched and validated systems,  assessments and psychometrics
  • Ensure individuals walk away capable of acting on and sustaining their learning with practical materials and hands-on tools for daily use

Coaching, Consulting and Facilitation

  • Work closely  with clients to accurately assess the situation and needs
  • Respect our clients know the intricacies of their business, but willing to challenge their thinking for better results
  • Provide appropriate hands on support and guidance (consultation / facilitation / coaching) prior to, during and following assignments
  • Use our experience working internationally to manage (and help clients manage) the complexities of multi or cross cultural interactions