Masters In Innovation, Creativity and Leadership (MICL)

MSc / MA / MInnov

The Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership - we call it the MICL (Michael) is run by the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at City University of London.

Perspectiv’s Andy Wilkins is an Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow at the university’s business school, Cass, and delivers two of the eight modules on the MICL: Creativity Problem Solving and Leadership, and Delivering Innovation – Turning Ideas into Action.

The MICL has been designed to give you the skills to turn ideas into action as a truly inter-disciplinary programme and experience. It examines the complex phenomena of creativity and innovation from different perspectives, from different disciplines, based on the world-class expertise available in the Centre.

The MICL links creativity and innovation to leadership, and addresses challenges associated with leading creative and innovative processes, teams and organizations. It is designed to give education and training that will provide a firm foundation for advancing the students' careers.

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