Innovation and Problem Solving

tools and techniques

This highly interactive and intensive 2-day course has been designed by Perspectiv for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. It provides engineers and those who work in an engineering environment, with the process, language and tools to raise their own effectiveness when innovating and problem solving.

The IMechE Innovation and Problem Solving course provides: 6 tools for generating options and 6 for focusing options; examples of when it is best to use each tool ; and an explanation of how to make use of multiple generating and focusing options. The course also covers VIEW, an assessment of problem solving styles, enabling attendees to understand and appreciate their own and other peoples’ preferences when innovating and problem solving.

Participants will be able to use these skills in the workplace to make more effective, efficient and creative use of peoples’ time when working in teams to solve problems.

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Whilst designed for IMechE with engineers in mind, the course is also open to non-members. Click here for more information  – or contact us if you are interested in something similar for yourself or your own organisation.

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