Enabling an international marketing company to transform itself and compete in a very turbulent climate


The challenge
A growing international marketing company needed to develop a collaborative culture which would enable its headquarters and global markets to move from a number of separate operations to one aligned organization.

How we made a difference
Embedding the knowledge and skills from our leadership and team development training and coaching support in the seven markets, they were able to

  • Manage the cultural differences across seven markets to utilize the value of this diversity and co-operate on international programmes faster and more effectively
  • Increase the ‘collaborative capital’ of all their staff – develop their abilities to build and sustain effective relationships
  • Embed powerful skills within and across teams to take communication and conversation to new levels, reducing the time spent managing potential conflict and dramatically improving their problem solving capabilities
  • Increase productivity through cohesive, shared strategies, planning and processes
The results
A more cohesive and resilient organization embracing a climate of collaboration, united in successfully withstanding external pressures, competition and market fluctuations

Creating new approaches to change, leadership, and collaboration across divisions in a global energy company, pushing it towards the frontier of efficiency.


The challenge
A large energy distribution company was looking to get closer to the frontier of efficiency, to increase collaboration and engagement across the business and to develop their leadership capabilities.

How we made a difference
Our Facilitative Leadership Development Workshops (FLDW) and High Performance for Leadership and Change (HP4LC) have been used at multiple levels to develop leaders and provide creative problem solving tools and leadership practices that will serve their whole career.

The FLDW and HP4LC programmes have been coupled with coaching, the creation of a community of practice, and master-classes. We have helped the change and organisational excellence teams to integrate the Leadership Practices and Creative Problem Solving tools with the company’s Change Framework, Lean and Six Sigma.

As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt said: “The Facilitative Leadership practices and Creative Problem Solving tools are really useful on their own but additionally they turbo charge Lean and Six Sigma.”

The results
There are many economic and social benefits. These include millions saved by being able internally to run complex change and process improvement projects with internal staff without traditional external consultant support; and millions were made in the sale of a division as a result of the high performance leadership development. Social results include significantly increased collaboration and engagement levels on projects leading to higher acceptance and commitment.